Frequently Asked Questions

Weddings in Zihuatanejo & Weddings in Ixtapa

Q: Can I ship things to Casa del Arbol?

A: The only articles we recommend shipping are paperwork to the address provided for that purpose. Do not ship anything to Casa del Arbol.

Q: What kinds of things am I able to bring in my luggage?

A: Each traveler is able to bring up to 3 liters of alcohol or wine. For any commercial items including large numbers of guest favors, bring a receipt which totals less than $300 US or CAD. All commercial items totaling more than $300 US or CAD will be taxed duty upon entering Mexico.

Q: Should I plan a ceremony rehearsal for my wedding?

A: It is very important to plan a ceremony rehearsal for your wedding in Zihuatanejo. If using an Ipod instead of live music, test the system with your IPOD upon arrival.

Q: Will the musicians who are hired for a event participate in a rehearsal?

A: Musicians will usually participate in a 1-hour rehearsal at their hourly rate if they are available.

Q: What kinds of parties am I able to have at Casa del Arbol?

A: Zihuatanejo Mexico vacations and weddings are perfect for parties. At Casa del Arbol, we are able to plan Private Dinners, Rehearsal Dinners, Cocktail Parties, Brunches, Pool Parties, Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions.

Q: Am I able to plan parties at different places in the area?

A: We are happy to supply a list of area venues. The event planners will become involved in the planning of outside events for an additional fee.

Q: What kinds of activities can I plan for my guests?

A: Deep sea fishing, golf outings, afternoons at the beach, daytime snorkeling cruises, kayaking trips, yoga classes and sunset cruises are some of the most popular activities for weddings in Zihuatanejo.

Q: Can I schedule a hair styling appointment for my wedding day?

A: A professional hair stylist and make-up artist may be scheduled to style hair the day of the wedding.

Q: What time will my reception or party end?

A: Outside guests are asked to leave by 1am. At that time all entertainment must end as well.

Q: What kind of stereo system is available for use with my IPOD?

A: There is a Niles stereo system with several outdoor speakers. Bring a laptop with your music play list as a back-up in the event your IPOD fails. Designate a guest to operate the system for you. Casa del Arbol does not take responsibility for the coordination of IPOD music at a reception.

Q: What types of hotel recommendations should I give my guests?

A: Within the private guest website, a list of recommended accommodations is available to give to your guests. All of these accommodations are very near each other. Guests should be encouraged to stay in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa as opposed to some of the outlying beach towns such as Playa Larga, Barra de Potosi, Troncones and Saladita which are at least 30 minutes from Zihuatanejo by taxi.

Q: How far is Ixtapa from Zihuatanejo?

A: Most of the hotels in Ixtapa are about 15 minutes from Zihuatanejo by taxi. There are a few hotels in Ixtapa that are a bit further.

Q: How much cab fare can my guests expect to pay to get to Casa del Arbol if they are staying in Zihuatanejo?

A: Zihuatanejo is a relatively small town. Most cab fares range from $30-$100 pesos ($3-10 US.)

Q: How do I transport my guests from one location to another?

A: Event planners can describe the best forms of transportation depending on the guest count.

Q: What is Casa del Arbol’s address?

A: As in most small Mexican towns, residents know large Zihuatanejo villas and hotels by their proximity to a landmark as opposed to an actual street address. That is why a map of the area with marked venues is important to include on your wedding website or in your invitation. A standard map and sample invitation is available for on the private guest site.

Q: What is the "private guest site?"

A: A password protected on-line guest site is available to all Casa del Arbol guests whose event is being planned by Casa del Arbol event coordinators. It contains information about the area and valuable tools to assist in planning your event.

Q: May I use the kitchen to bake my own pastries or prepare my own appetizers?

A: The kitchen is the responsibility of the Casa del Arbol kitchen staff and professional caterers. It is not available for guest use.

Q: Will the caterer pack all leftovers for me to eat in subsequent days?

A: Caterers will not pack up remaining hot and cold food for guests. It is a health risk. Leftover desserts which are deemed safe will be stored if space if available.

Q: How do I begin to plan my private party or Zihuatanejo wedding?

A: Begin by contacting our reservation office to determine available dates.
Email us at
or call Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm EST at 877-232-7265.

Q: How much will my private party or Zihuatanejo wedding cost?

A: A brief interview is necessary to determine any budget. Call the Casa del Arbol event coordinators Monday through Friday from 9am-4pm EST at 419 724-5348.