Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many guests may stay at Casa del Arbol?

A: Casa del Arbol is a private residence. It has about 10,000 square feet of living space with 6 bedrooms and 7 ½ baths. There are six total bedrooms all with en-suite baths and terraces. The property is not shared by multiple groups even if guests choose to rent only the Main House. The maximum number of guests, including children and babies is 12.

Q: What are the arrival and departure times?

A: Arrival is no earlier than 3pm and departure is no later than 11am unless early arrival or late checkout has been arranged with the reservation office. The minimum number of nights the villa may be rented is 4.

Q: We have more than 12 guests in our party. Can you recommend additional accommodations?

A: If you decide to stay at Casa del Arbol, we would be happy to give you nearby accommodation recommendations.

Q: Are children permitted?

A: Children of all ages are welcome, but parents are advised to consider the potential dangers of the terraces and pools. Parents are asked to sign a waiver of liability upon arrival.

Q: Where is Casa del Arbol located?

A: Casa del Arbol is conveniently located on a hill above La Ropa Beach and Madera Beach. It is possible to walk to either beach in 5-10 minutes. The villa is within walking distance to the town of Zihuatanejo known as El Centro. From Casa del Arbol El Centro is just a 15-20 minute walk through Madera Beach or through the adjacent neighborhood known as Colonia Madera.

Q: Are there restaurants nearby?

A: There are many restaurants within walking distance.

Q: How far is Casa del Arbol from the airport?

A: Casa del Arbol is a 15-minute taxi ride from the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa airport. Taxis are located outside the baggage claim area and the cost is about $30 US per sedan. Airport taxis accept US dollars. A taxi map will be provided to explain the location of Casa del Arbol to the driver.

Q: Does Casa del Arbol supply a car and driver?

A: The city ordinance does not allow visitors to be driven by any hotel or rental property that does not own a taxi license. Guests may ask the residential concierge to assist them in obtaining transportation to golf courses and outlying beaches.

Q: Will we need to rent a car?

A: It is not necessary to rent a car. Taxis are readily accessible and fares are reasonable.

Q: Do I need to exchange my currency for Mexican pesos?

A: Many area restaurants and shops accept credit cards or US dollars. The peso often gives buyers the best value and convenience, so at some point, visitors may decided to exchange their money for pesos. Local Zihuatanejo banks often give the best exchange rates.

Q: Can I use my ATM card?

A: There are several ATM machines located in downtown Zihuatanejo as well as at the supermarket and airport. ATM’s may run out of currency on weekends and holidays.

Q: What is the climate in Zihuatanejo?

A: There are two seasons. From November through April there is very little rain and temperatures range from 70-85° Fahrenheit. From May through October there are occasional rain storms and the temperature may increase.

Q: How safe is Casa del Arbol?

A: The property is very secure and the area is safe.

Q: What are some of the amenities?

A: Central location, air conditioning in enclosed rooms, telephones with intercom system, water purification system throughout, rooms cleaned daily, TV room with satellite system, stereo system with IPOD docking station, CD players in Tower rooms, swimming pool, heated plunge pool, pool rafts, wireless internet, breakfast, hair dryers, standard 110 electrical current.

Q: May we prepare our own meals at Casa del Arbol?

A: The staff prepares meals with fresh produce, meats and seafood that have been carefully chosen. Fruits and vegetables must be sanitized to avoid health risks. For several reasons, guests are encouraged to enjoy their vacations and leave the cooking to the staff.

Q: Are the rooms cleaned daily?

A: The rooms are cleaned daily by the maid.

Q: How many employees work at Casa del Arbol?

A: The villa is fully staffed including a maid, cook, gardener and manager. The residential concierge is available to help guests make dinner reservations or to plan excursions like deep sea fishing, kayaking or an adventure to a beach outside of the bay.

Q: Should I tip the staff?

A: Standard North American tipping practices apply in Mexican restaurants, hotels and at Casa del Arbol where gratuities are always appreciated by the staff, but never expected.

Guests are welcome to tip the staff at the end of their stay for conscientious service. All gratuities are divided among the staff and house administrator.

Q: Are beer and refreshments available?

A: The guest bar is stocked with a variety of beverages including soft drinks, beer, wine and liquors which are complimentary to all Casa del Arbol guests during their stay. Beverages are not complimentary to any guest during special events such as weddings or private dinners with outside guests.

Q: Can I have the bar stocked with special liquors and wines before my arrival?

A: Casa del Arbol will pre-order special liquors and wines from a price list that is provided. Guests are asked to pay for those special requests before arrival.

Q: What kinds of activities are available?

A: Kayaking, snorkeling, sport fishing, scuba diving, sunset cruises, shopping, yoga and massages are just some of the activities Zihuatanejo has to offer. Any activities may be booked before or after guests arrival.

Q: Are there any clubs and restaurants which offer music and dancing?

A: Zihuatanejo offers restaurants and cantinas with live music and dancing. Some of the large Ixtapa hotels also have more international-style clubs with late night dancing.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Life in Zihuatanejo is very simple, and while there are many elegant restaurants, the dress code is relaxed. Jackets & ties can certainly be left behind. In the winter months, bring along a sweater for cool nights, and for walks to the beach bring comfortable shoes. Don’t forget oil-free sunscreen and insect repellant. If you would like to play music through the sound system, bring an Ipod. Casa del Arbol is fully stocked with linens, but there are no alarm clocks.

Q: Is it possible to have private events at Casa del Arbol?

A: We plan private events at Casa del Arbol for up to 75 guests.

Q: May we have separate bills for each room at Casa del Arbol?

A: The primary guest is the only person that is invoiced for the rental of Casa del Arbol.

Q: May I pay for purchases with a credit card?

A: Credit Cards are not accepted at Casa del Arbol and International checks cannot be cashed in Zihuatanejo. If guests prefer to carry less currency on their trip, they may establish a fund before their arrival at Casa del Arbol which will be applied to all food and beverage purchases. Any remainder would be returned with the security deposit within 30 days of departure from Casa del Arbol.

Q: Is a wireless internet connection available?

A: Guests may use the WEP code provided at Casa del Arbol to connect their laptops to the wireless internet system.

Q: May I initiate calls from Casa del Arbol?

A: Casa del Arbol has a Voice Over Internet Phone which allows calls to the US to and Canada. Calls are tracked by codes guests are given upon arrival. The charge is $.25/minute. All other calls are made over the Telmex lines. Local calls are $.25/minute, but if Telmex lines are used to initiate long distance calls, the Telmex bill is used to charge back guests.

Q: May I receive calls at Casa del Arbol?

A: Using the VOIP system, the phone number at Casa del Arbol is 419 724-1100.

The local phone number for guests is 554-0509.

The local phone number for the staff is 554-1237.

Q: Is there a stereo system at Casa del Arbol?

A: There is a Niles stereo system with a docking station for guests’ IPODs.