Zijuatanejo at a Glance

For centuries, the coastal town of Zihuatanejo and the coconut groves of Ixtapa remained virtually undiscovered. Today, they offer the best of old and new Mexico. Zihuatanejo remains an active fishing village and Ixtapa has become a modern resort destination.

In the 1970's, the neighboring towns began to develop. An airport and a highway brought international visitors who come to explore the beautiful Costa Grande beaches and the shops and restaurants that line the cobblestone streets in Zihuatanejo's town center.

Ixtapa, just five miles from Zihuatanejo, was built along 24 miles of superb beachfront. It now has a string of hotels along the ocean and two challenging golf courses with extraordinary views of the mountains and the Pacific Ocean.

Relaxation by the sea and aquatic activities like sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and sunset cruises are the emphasis here.


Zihuatanejo has its own international airport which is located 15 minutes south of Zihuatanejo and 25 minutes south of Ixtapa.


Zihuatanejo is in the Mexican State of Guerrero. It is 150 miles north of Acapulco which is about a 4-hour drive along the coast.

Time Zone

Zihuatanejo follows Central Time.


The population of Zihuatanejo is approximately 100,000.


The exchange of currency must be done at local banks. It is best to exchange currency before arrival in Mexico. US dollars and credit cards are widely accepted.

Getting Around Town

Taxis are usually combing the streets for fares, which makes them very convenient to use. Ixtapa is connected to Zihuatanejo by a highway and the two towns are just five miles apart.

Standard Facilities

Most of Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa runs on a 110 volt electrical current.