With an average of 300 sunny days a year and temperatures which average from 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Zihuatanejo's semi-tropical climate is ideal. From the beginning of November through mid-May the days are sunny and clear and the nights are breezy and cooler. This is considered the “high season” which attracts visitors from cold winter climates. The rainy season begins in mid-May and continues through the end of October. The occasional rain shower or thunder storm turns the mountains a brilliant green and the plants and trees bloom with color.

Average temperature by month:

January: 77° F 25° C
February: 76° F 25° C
March: 80° F 27° C
April: 84° F 29° C
May: 88° F 31° C
June: 88° F 31° C
July: 85° F 30° C
August: 83° F 29° C
September: 83° F 29° C
October: 82° F 28° C
November: 79° F 26° C
December: 76° F 25° C